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Verizon Velocity fundraising program for the GHS

Dear Friends,

The GALESVILLE HERITAGE SOCIETY INC. is participating in a new fundraising program called Verizon Velocity where our organization will receive donations when our supporters in MD, DC, VA, and WV order qualifying residential Verizon services. We can earn up to a $65 donation on one qualifying Verizon FiOS ® Triple Freedom (TV, Internet and phone) order. Bottom line, we can earn donations on a purchase you may plan to make anyway.

If you have been thinking about ordering new Verizon services, please be sure to place your order by calling 1-888-695-5299 (Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-6pm) so our organization can benefit. You must also provide our organization’s code 12944 when you order.

One-time donations are paid on the following residential new product orders:
$25.00 Verizon FiOS Internet or High Speed Internet
$20.00 Verizon FiOS TV or DIRECTV®
$10.00 each for Verizon FreedomSM Calling or Verizon Long Distance or Additional Line

For example, if you order new FiOS Internet and FiOS TV, we can receive a $45 donation. Already have all the Verizon products you need? Then please let other friends and family know about our fundraising efforts. Our organization could really benefit from this program and your support.

Thank you !

P.S. Please note that donations are only paid on new orders placed by calling the special sales number 1-888-695-5299 and providing our code. Orders placed online or by calling another Verizon sales office will not apply.

Participation in the Verizon Velocity program does not indicate acceptance or endorsement by Verizon of participants’ views or statements. Donations are only paid on new qualifying residential orders placed by calling 1.888.695.5299 and providing our code. Orders placed online or through another phone number will not apply. Donations are paid on new residential product orders that remain with Verizon a minimum of 30 days from order date. Changes, renewals, and upgrades within product categories do not constitute a new order. Term commitment may apply. Product availability varies.

Visit www.verizon.com/velocity for details.


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